The Amazing History And Development Of Console Gaming

Games are at a totally new level! People have developed a lot of ways on how to be able to interact with their games themselves. We all can say thank you to the fast development of technology as a lot of things which seemed impossible in the past are now very easy to reach and do.Game consoles before do not offer as much interaction from the players before. The only interaction possible to do was to hold the controller and react and play to what is there in the game. Simply sitting down and just playing the game with the controller was the only thing that you can do but nowadays, that is already considered as the most basic interaction with the game available. There are more ways as of now to play your favorite games with your game console.With the Sony PlayStation console, they have released dance pads and even guitar looking controllers to play games in a different way. The dance pads are actually nice when it comes to putting exercise and playing a game at the same time. You are like dancing your way through the game. This way, you can get a good cardio workout without you even noticing it. If you are into driving games, playing those kinds of games with a real-looking steering wheel can be really thrilling as you feel like you are driving a real car! This way, you can actually start practicing how to drive in the real world. Just a few minor adjustments and you are good to go to a real driving test.Studies have even proved that playing console games improve the eye and hand coordination. This skill is an important arsenal to have when you are planning to take on medical school in the future. Precision surgeries need people with good hand and eye coordination and the practice that you get from playing console games may as well helped you get that degree and become a good surgeon in the future.However, even though there may be a lot of benefits from console gaming, we should still monitor the kind of games that we play as violence and even sex are starting to appear in games. These things are not that good to be exposed especially to young players who are not that mature yet. It is then our duty to control what games we play or our children play so they end up learning good things and not the other.

Console Games – Do They Reduce Socializing?

Console games can seem like a great way to spend an evening with friends.Console games like Wii seem to encourage this. They advertise the group aspects with family or friends, showing the fun that a party of people can have with these systems. Clearly with the new style intuitive controllers, groups of people of all ability can join in with the fun.I have experienced systems like such as Wii with groups of friends in party situations such as new year. There is no doubt, they are great fun. However, I have noticed certain aspects when playing these games:Everyone is not included in the action – initially people watching are joining in, laughing and encouraging, but this wears off after a while and onlookers become bored.
The noise and music make conversation difficult.
The level of concentration by the participants is high and they become very focused on the game. This excludes them from the group and they can not participate in conversation.
When the games are finished the atmosphere tends to be tense and hyper rather than relaxed and comfortable.Before console games what did we do when friends came round?Board games were popular
Conversation and discussions- sometimes heated!
Playing cards.
Dinner parties where the food was the evening and the meal spread out over a long time and filled the the time.
Jigsaws.The biggest difference between an evening with console games and an evening without is the focus. When people are playing console games they face the screen, when the are not, they face each other. All psychologists know the importance of eye contact as part of the way we communicate, if we are not looking at each other we do not have a proper conversation.The music and noise of the console games makes talking very difficult. When doing a board game, playing cards or a jigsaw, even with background music, there are no load distracting noises and everyone sits facing each other and conversation flows readily. The game or jigsaw is the central point to bring everyone together however, soon this becomes of secondary importance as the conversations generate the interest. The console game is all consuming and the people playing the game cannot participate in the conversation and the people who are not playing the game are not part of the experience. This creates a separation within the friends.There is, of course a place for console games. The fun family games and singing games can create a very entertaining evening.For a more fulfilling evening, I would recommend returning to jigsaw puzzles, board games or playing cards. By the end of the evening you and your friends will have put the world to rights and you will know your friends better than before. The evening will end with happy, tipsy, relaxed guests rather than tense, frenetic guests who have thrashed each other on the TV!There is a place for both types of evening. There are good reasons why old style games and puzzles were popular and an evening spent in this way can not be replicated with a console game.